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HangARoo v.2.052 Size: 2.3 MB Win all
Get ready for a highly addictive version of hangman, an old time favorite word game. The object of HangARoo is simple ... guess the phrases by selecting letters from the alphabet to fill in the slots. If you make too many errors, you know what happens next - the cute Kangaroo will be earning his wings. Luckily, even if you do send the 'roo to the outback in the sky, you won't feel too guilty. His quick wit and smart tongue will sometimes have you begging to kill him off. HangARoo Game Highlights and Features:- There are now more than 8,500 terms and phrases and 120 categories! Many of the phrases now have interesting Did You Know? facts. New volume controls and surprise endings.Players and 3rd-party developers can create customized word lists and levels. Improved setup and uninstall routines.Enhanced eFlash update system. Right from the get go, the free HangARoo game offers more than 8,000 words and phrases to play with. However, for the adventurous player that wants even more, the game supports the use of external data files that can be created using your own word lists and categories. Refer to the data file options in the right menu bar to learn more about customization. Screenshot here.
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WordBomb v.1.0 Size: 1.9 MB Win all
Find 10 words before they explode in this frantic word find! Pick from 15 puzzles or make your own. Screenshot here.
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Scrabble v.1.0 Size: 1.75 MB Win 9X
A classic converted to PC for 1-4 players.
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Word Craft v4.0 Size: 8.2 MB Win98/NT/2K/XP
A fast n' furious race against time and temperature! Spell as many words as possible using letters that get hot when you formulate a word. Words disintegrate to reveal new letters. But think fast because tiles cool off and harden up completely. Your grid freezes and suddenly its game over!
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A1 HangWord v.1.0 Size: 2.4 MB Win All
A wonderful FREE program for Kids to learn English Word Building. A1 HangWord is a Hang-man type Word-Builder game for teaching children English Words and Spelling. The aim of the game is to create the given word before the guesses runs out, or else the Man becomes hanged. Features include 9,000 Word English Dictionary word-database and State of the Art Graphics. The program is easy to use with a Windows based interface specifically designed for children. The software has been designed for fast setup and interactivity with excellent graphics and sounds. Full Audio-Visual and Multimedia features have been built into the program.
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100% Word Search Free v.1.0 Size: 1.5 MB Win9x/NT4
Both create and play wordsearches with this easy-to-use freeware. A comprehensive editor is provided, which allows you to easily design your word search puzzles. Word searches can be printed or exported as text or graphics for use in other programs. Puzzles can be played against a timer by dragging a line over the word.
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LexiCastle v.1.0 Size: 6 MB Win9x/NT4/2K/XP
In this fun word search game, you link adjoining letter blocks to create words and score huge points. Flex your vocabulary while building magnificent castles in this brainy word game! Sheer word skills, not luck, determine your rewards. The higher the points, the faster you will construct your castles! How many castles can YOU complete?
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Trivia Machine v.1.0 Size: 5.7 MB Win9x/NT4/2K/XP
Climb to the top of the ladder by answering fun questions from the trivia machine! The game features thousands of trivia questions across 9 fun categories. The unique game play involves strategy as well as trivia's challenging and entertaining! New questions are downloaded automatically so you may never see the same question twice.
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ForeWord v.2.02 Size: 0.7 MB Win all
ForeWord - Solve those Scrabble and crossword puzzles. ForeWord is great for solving all those tricky word problems - anagrams, missing letters or just for checking your spelling. It uses the latest OSPD lexicon containing 169,334 words - and it's really fast !
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Aqua Words v.1.0 Size: 6.9 MB Win9x/NT/2K/XP
A new brilliant version of a word game with a well-known hero - Aquatic! This is the right game for word game fun. Link bubble letters to create bursting words cheering a lovely dancing man! No shooting, no violence, just a little kind Aquatic looking for help! Do you miss the hot summer and dream of Hawaiian Beaches? Then, try this game! Be a leader in creating words!
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Business English Hangman v.1.0 Size: 1.4 MB Win9x/NT4/ME/2K/XP
The program is designed to help business English students improve their vocabulary in a different and fun way. It is appropriate for use in classroom or at home. The objective of hangman is to guess all of the letters in a business word before the hangman is drawn. If the letter which is guessed is in the word it is shown. If the letter is not in the word, another line is drawn on the hangman.
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Beesly's Buzzwords v.1.0 Size: 6.7 MB Win98/NT/XP/2K
Link up honeycomb letters to help Beesly spell words and make honey. Longer words make more honey and score more points. Advance through the four seasons of each increasingly challenging year to help Beesly earn prestige and promotions within the hive, or play the experts-only Challenge Game!
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Quizp v.1.1 Size: 0.75 MB Win9x
A fun quiz based on the first three Harry Potter books. The player can choose which book to test him/herself on. A high score table is included. You can also amend the existing questions or devise entirely new ones. The aim is to have fun and then go and read the books again.
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Synonyms & Antonyms v.1.3 Size: 0.5 MB Win all
A word puzzle game in which you need to guess, uncover or unscramble words that are synonyms or antonyms of other words. Try it out. You probably never realized that vocabulary building could be so much fun! Comes with 125 puzzles.
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Speed Hangman v.1.0 Size: 0.5 MB Win all
Speed HangMan is a variation on the old Hangman game with a difference, instead of a Scaffold being built, the average speed per puzzle is timed. Answer as many puzzles as fast as you can to feature on Best Score page. You need to complete five puzzles or more to try for Best Score which is the lowest average time per puzzle.Screenshot here.
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China Mood Hangman v.1.0 Size: 1.4 MB Win all
Hangman is the traditional word guessing game that you can really get hung on :-) China Mood Hangman is slightly less traditional, it provides the ability to add your own single words, or full sentences. The program comes pre-loaded with 90 plus sentences, and over 2000 single words.Screenshot here.
Download Link!

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