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Handball Challenge-Training Camp Vol.1 v.1.2 Size: 516 MB Win
With Handball Challenge Training Camp, which will offer new games as a free download every once in a while, you can get to know the dynamic and action of the sport of handball in small mini-games and practice situations. In the first three games of Handball Challenge Training Camp Vol. 1 you have the face the opposing goalie on a fast break, move past famous defenders 1-vs-1 and score from every angle in the hotspot shootout. As a special highlight for all handball fans the mini-games are presented by famous players from the world of handball. Champions League-winner Dominik Klein, Konrad Wilczynski, Patrick Groetzki and Mario Kelentric are the four stars from the German Bundesliga, who are part of the first three mini-games. Some of them you have to face during the training camp and you can show them your skills. The next mini-games, like "penalty shootout" and "2-on-2", will be presented by international stars like the Swedish international Jonas Källman from the Spanish major club Ciudad Real. The games offer a system with experience points and rewards. In case you are able to achieve certain goals you earn medals (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) and credtis, which allow you to acquire stuff like shirts, shorts or shoes in the shop. New items will be added regularly. During the course of the mini-game series you will be able unlock new gyms, more shot options and individual outfits. Credits can also be bought with real money in case you don't have enough time to unlock all items of if you want to buy something you like very much. In addition to the medals you will also earn experience points with certain performances, which allow you to compare yourself with other players online in our world rankings. If you want to achieve improvements, i.e. earning medals, credtis or experience points, you need to be online, so our game server will be able to update the world rankings regularly. Trailer here
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Golden Fairway v.1.0 Size: 134 MB Win all
Golden Fairway is a video golf game simulator with real 18 hole online multiplayer game competition. Charity fundraiser golf events are held at Golden Fairway weekly. Fck the Corporate sponsors for use Golden Fairway as an advergame for advertising products. Screenshot here
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Bowling Blast v.1.0 Size: 15 MB Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
Have a Blast with Bowling Blast! Great bowling game programmed using Visual C++ 5, OpenGL, BASS sound system. The goal is to start approaching a console feel on PC. Screenshot here
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Alien Kick v 1.1 Win95,98,NT
Some alien are superiors, some are just really stupid. Meet the second category in this contest. Single key gameplay for a "fun"ny experience. Exotic Sports Simulation!
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Strategic Baseball Simulator v.4.7 Size: 1.77 MB Win9x/Me/XP
This text-based simulation uses real statistics to simulate professional baseball. It's capable of replaying an entire league schedule in minutes and summarizing the results, or you can play a single game against the computer. It's easy to use and play, and optimized for fun and accuracy! Data is in ASCII for easy editing. 2002 teams and old-timers are included.
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HighPower Offense v 1.0 Size: 1.85 MB Win95,98,NT
A simple, quick, yet fast paced and action packed game of football. March your offensive machine down the field to the end zone!
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LudoBall v.1.0 Win all
On Canopia, people like those Volley-like games you can play through psyonics crabs. Multiplayer Volley Game .
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Swooshball Challenge v.1.0 Size: 1.55 MB Win95/98/Me/2000/XP
A fantastic free chance to spend some peasant hours playing volleyball somewhere on a beach of California. Start the game and forget about the reality that surrounds you. No other game can be compared to this one as it will give you the joy of real life and new emotions. Add adrenaline to your blood and relax. Play either against your computer or against your friend - both games are available. Make your choice between three skill levels or master each of them one by one and become a volleyball star in your office. Free to play .
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VR World Cup Soccer Tournament v 1.6 Size: 0.63 Mb Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
VR World Cup Soccer Tournament is a nice free flash based fun socccer game. The game is a two on two players fun soccer game which will take you several minutes to play and get real fun.
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Amazing Cricket v 1.03 Size: 0.05 MB Win95,98,NT
Amazing Cricket is a cricket simulation game of its own kind. It may not be full of unique features but it certainly makes sure that you'll get complete entertainment out of it.
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TrackMeet v 1.0 Size: 1.9Mb Win95,98,NT
Just in time for the the Australian Games, WildTangent presents Track Meet. Try your skill at 6 events and compare your scores to the athletes on TV. There are a total of six events: 100-meter dash, long jump, 100-meter hurdles, javelin, hammer throw, and high jump. Ready to go the distance? See you at the the finish line.
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SmallBall Baseball v.1.0 Size: 8 MB Win9X/ME/2K
SmallBall Baseball is the first sports game to feature 'living' players. 'Artificial Life' technology gives the virtual players emotion and allows them to grow and improve their abilities over time. Unlike typical fantasy sports games, SmallBall games feature fully animated games and characters. Owners develop training strategies and decide when & who to play.
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Freeride Earth v.3.0 Win9X/NT/ME/2K
Earth 2420 AC : A huge nuclear war has happened at last. Some lost surfers are the only survivors, and the nuclear winter gave them a whole planet to surf. They made it a lifestyle. Mad 3D Snowboarding Game that has infinite generated terrain!
Download Now!!!
Download Link 2 !

BarRoom Gold Games v 2.0 Size: 6.19Mb Win95,98,NT
Bieber's BarRoom Games - Gold Edition is a collection of your favorite beer-drinking and peanut-eating games. You can play Pool, Darts, Bartender or Bowling. If you are going to download one game this year, make sure it's BarRoom Games - Gold Edition.
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Pro Football Statistics Encyclopedia (1920-2002) Size: 3.4 MB Win all
This online, historical, professional-football-statistics database and encyclopedia contains complete and comprehensive statistics for every single player and team ever to have played in the NFL (1920-2002), AFL (1926, 1960-69), AAFC (1946-49), and APFA (1920-21). It includes stats for 82 years, 122 teams, and more than 19,000 players, and allows you to sort, query, limit, display, and print out all player and team statistics in just about any user-defined fashion.
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Bloody Football v.0.5.1 Size: 2.38 MB Win9x/2K/XP 3D graphics card
Your job is simple. With your 12 players get the ball into your opponents touchdown zone. If you can not do it legally then use head high tackles, assasins, magicians, pit traps, spys, drugs or anyother method. Also remember that the game is under development so if you can not do what you wish then e-mail the webmaster and he will put it in!
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Simsoc Win all
Simsoc Web Soccer Game is a free multiplayer online football management game in which you control one or more clubs in soccer tournaments based on scenarios from England, Spain, Italy, World Cup and other great soccer leagues. You select the team and the tactics for each game, research the opposition, trade players to add strength and depth to your side. They then use your and their football skills and abilities to win the matches and bring you glory. You can switch soccer clubs anytime and even sign yourself in as a star player in this game for your team(s) too!
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Football Fanatic v.1.0 Size: 718 KB DOS/Win9x/NT4
Quite different from modern football games, Football Fanatic is a sports management simulation game. That means it's all text (no graphics) and you don't actually play football, you manage the team's decisions, like financing, sponsorships, scouting, etc. This game won't be fun for a lot of people but there is still a niche market for games like this, so if you enjoy text-based sports sim games trythis one out. Screenshot here.
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World_Cup_Info Free Soccer Game v 1.0 Size: 1.05 MB Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
You too can warm up for the World Cup. Test your skill with this free soccer game. It's a penalty shoot out so you'll be testing your kicking skills against a very skillful and agile goalkeeper. TIP: when you kick, ensure that the mouse is actually touching some part of the ball, or you might end up 'scooping' or 'mis-kicking'. HAVE FUN!
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