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Final Fantasy VII:The Dark Cloud v.1.0 Size: 33 MB Win9x/Me/2000/XP
Final Fantasy VII:The Dark Cloud takes place two years after the much loved Playstation game. Cloud Strife has left his teammates and has shut himself off from the outside world. It seems that even though Sephiroth, the legenadery soldier was defeated, Cloud is still plagued with nightmares and visions of his former enemy. But across the other side of the planet his former teammates decide to try and find Cloud and question him about his abrupt departure. But are the nightmares of Sephiroth just dreams, illusions or are they something more sinister? Was Sephiroth realy destroyed back in the crater? And what is the Dark Cloud? FFVII: Dark Cloud was created using RPGMaker2000 by Denis Murphy 2003/2005. All graphics/music etc are accesible through the root folders. All graphics and music etc are for free use around the RPGMaker2000 community.
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ShadowFlare: Episode One v.1.0 Size: 90 MB Win9x/Me/2000/XP
ShadowFlare: Episode One, formerly sold for $14.99, is now being given away for free! In ShadowFlare, you start your journey as a hired mercenary working for gold, precious items, and fighting experience in a demon-ruled land. Once you've reached a certain skill level in the game, you'll be able to choose a new profession for your character as a warrior, wizard/witch, or hunter. ShadowFlare has a high level of difficulty; however, do not worry - you will have an animal companion to fight alongside you.
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Neophyte: Koplio's Story v.1.0 Size: 9 MB Win9x/Me/2000/XP
You are Koplio, a young monk who is about to receive his Sigil of Passage. You live in a far off monastery. But all is not well within the monastery. Rumors of the reemergence of the Grand Malefactor, Vacmatio, have traveled even as far as Semident. Very recently strange rumblings have been heard from the forbidden basement of the monastery, disused for hundreds of years. But what is worst of all is the earthquake which hit the monastery last night. Part of the building has collapsed, including the entrance to the holy vault where the Armor of Gorus should be safely stored. Can you, Koplio, manage to solve the mystery of the earthquake, and perhaps recover the Armor of Gorus in the process? Without it, you can never take your vows. Worse yet, if the Armor has fallen into the wrong hands, it might mean the end of an era of peace. Beware, young Neophyte. The road ahead will be difficult to travel and could mean your destruction.
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MAGEBANE 2 Size: 8.4 MB Win all
It's a freeware computer dungeon exploration game based (loosely) on the books of J.R.R.Tolkien. You explore a very deep dungeon, kill monsters, try to equip yourself with the best weapons and armor you can find, and finally face Morgoth - "The Dark Enemy". Angband has a very long history. It started 1990 as an improved and "Tolkienized" variant of Moria. Moria itself was created in 1985 and was inspired by Rogue (from the late 70s). Countless changes were introduced by many programmers on the way to the current versions of Angband.
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Angband Size: 1 MB Win/DOS/MAC/LINUX/BeOS...
It's a freeware computer dungeon exploration game based (loosely) on the books of J.R.R.Tolkien. You explore a very deep dungeon, kill monsters, try to equip yourself with the best weapons and armor you can find, and finally face Morgoth - "The Dark Enemy". Angband has a very long history. It started 1990 as an improved and "Tolkienized" variant of Moria. Moria itself was created in 1985 and was inspired by Rogue (from the late 70s). Countless changes were introduced by many programmers on the way to the current versions of Angband.
Download Page for all OS!
Well of Souls RPG Size: 9 MB Win9x/ME/XP/2K
Wells of Souls is a free role playing game that you can play online with other players or offline. You can host your own server or log on the availible servers. Well of souls has a bult-in Pokegatchi pet trainer. Hunt with your pets or duel your pets with other players. This game has chat censors to protect small children from profanity. I has many great features and is a very addictive game.
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Sacred v.1.0 Size: 130 MB Win all
Welcome to 'Ancaria', Sacred's huge game world. A world of adventure and myths, a Kingdom with 16 regions that are full of life, and where our stories unfold. Explore this world and discover its charms on foot or on horseback. Acquire new fighting skills, and forge your own powerful weapons. Design your own attack combos using your favorite weapons and magic spells. Play together with your friends over a network or online. You can play the entire campaign, in unrestricted free play mode, or as player vs. player.
Download Page!

Gaea Fallen v.1.0b Size: 9 MB Win9x/NT/ME/2K
20+ Hours of gameplay, 40 Areas! The world of Gaea is falling into darkness. Eve, a seamstress who loves leg-of-rat, really doesn't want to take on the daunting task of saving the world. No matter what she wants, she's going to have to do it. Her one worry about setting off on a quest? Her Aunt Mildred filling her cottage with junk furniture while she's away.
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Dungeon Game v.0.19 Size: 3.7 MB Linux/Win9x
In your hometown, a remote medieval city, a group of workers accidentally opens a subterranean entrance to a dungeon while digging a cellar for a building. After a bloody encounter with a group of fearsome monsters, many of the workers are left dead. The lord of the city offers a bounty for any who can venture into the dungeon and expel the evil which lurks there.
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Elder Scrolls - Arena v.1.06 Size: 9 MB Win9x/2000/NT/ME/XP
In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its award-winning RPG series, The Elder Scrolls, Bethesda Softworks has released the full version of the original Elder Scrolls game - The Elder Scrolls: Arena. Arena started, as the name might suggest, as a medieval-style gladiator game. You had a team of fighters and went around the world fighting other teams in each city's arena until you became grand champion in the Imperial City. The world used for Arena was Tamriel, the fantasy world created by a few members of the staff for use in their weekly D&D campaign. During development of Arena, more and more RPG elements were added -- what if you could walk around these cities? What if you could take your team into a dungeon? And soon it was clear what Arena needed to be -- a full-blown RPG.
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Ahriman's ProphecySize: 10.5 MB Win all
Ahriman's Prophecy is a beautiful fantasy world doomed to be destroyed by the demon, Ahriman. In a desperate attempt to stop the prophecy, the Daughters of Light send you, a young but powerful magic wielder, on a difficult quest to unlock the secrets of the prophecy and hopefully, learn how to stop it. Game included 50+ Hours of gameplay, 40+ quests! PC requirements: Pentium II 300Mhz, 256 MB RAM, 8Mb video card.
Download Link!

NEOPHYTE : the journeys begins v.1.0 Size: 10.5 MB Win all
You are Thael, a young man who has just entered the Age of Ascension. You live in a world of swords and magic, with your uncle, Aliqus. You are an orphan; your parents were killed by the menacing Horde, led by Vacmatio. Your Uncle has begun to train you in the arts of fighting, but you are still young, a NEOPHYTE warrior without even a sword. But today is unlike any other. Last night, the ruins north of town started to glow a sickly green. This can only herald the return of Vacmatio and his Horde. You awaken in your bedroom, and listen: your Uncle is calling. Hurry, NEOPHYTE, yours may be the only hands which can save us all!
Download Link !

Heroine Iysayana v.1.4 Size: 3.14 MB Win9X/ME/NT/XP
Heroine Iysayana is a Japanese-style role-playing game. Most of the time the game will be played in a 2-D perspective. This is where you walk around and explore the land, talk to people, visit shops, explore dungeons, search for treasures and so on. Whenever the party runs into monsters the game will change to a special turn-based combat screen. If you defeat your foes, your heroes will gain experience and money. At first Iysayana is on her own, but during the adventure other heroes will join your party. The different characters have different abilities, e. g. one may be a healer and another one a warrior, so make best use of them. When characters have gained enough combat experience they will grow stronger and learn new magic. You can use spells to attack monsters, but also to heal or strengthen your characters. But note that your magic energy is limited and must be refilled from time to time. Talk to the people in the towns to gather more or less useful information. Take a rest in an inn to restore your characters' health. There are stores where you can buy and sell weapons and armors. Other items can be used to heal the heroes in mid-combat. The game can be played using the keyboard or a joystick and comes with a detailed help file. You can save and load at any point. Go out and become the heroine the kingdom needs! Programmed by Michael Hoffmann.
Download Page !

Neophyte: The Spirit Master v.1.0 Size: 16 MB Win All
Neika Mantru has just turned 15 and as is custom in her clan she must go into the outside world on a spirit quest. But Neika is also the daughter of the clan’s healer, Daru. Thus she has been charged with an even greater task than just bonding with her spirit self. Daru has seen in a vision that a great evil has returned to the world. She believes that her daughter is key in stopping this Evil. Thus Neika must follow her spirit guide out of the forest and seek out those who can help her accomplish this great task. Can you Neika, manage to bond with your spirit self while facing the great peril of leaving the safety of your village? Will you be able to discover what this ‘Great Evil’ is that your mother has dreamt about and are you the key to helping prevent its return? Will you find any as brave as yourself to help you accomplish this task so that you may return to your forest home?
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Secret Chamber v.1.0 Size: 5.5 MB Win all
Unlock the great King's concealed treasures hidden deep in the Secret Chamber. The King protected his treasures with a complex series of jeweled locks and mechanical scarab servants. Solve these ancient puzzles and discover the King's wonders! Game features 30 challenging levels. Have a good fun!
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Inner Worlds Size: 10 MB Win95,Win98,WinNT
In Inner Worlds you play the role of a strong and beautiful woman whose quest-name is Nikita. Nikita has the astonishing ability to turn into a ferocious she-wolf! Nikita's quest is to track down The Claws, the evil creation of a misguided genius. The Claws have plagued the world for generations. You will guide Nikita through the first episode, "Wizard's World" as she searches the ruins of Castle Drofanayrb for clues to where The Claws have gone. In episode two, "World of Change" you must venture through uninhabited and dangerous lands to reach a terrifying volcano, the hiding place of The Claws. In the final episode, Nikita will struggle through a bewildering array of pitfalls as she heads for the "Heart of the World" to reach the lair of The Claws, uncover its secret and rid the world of its terror forever.
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Betrayal at Krondor Size: 10 MB Win95,WinNT
Very good Role-Playing game free from Sierra.
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The Griffon Legend v.1.0 Size: 9.3 MBWin/Mac/Linux
500 years after the Griffon-Dragon war, the Dragons have returned to reclaim their emipre. Cities are falling, everyone is dieing, and the lone Griffon Knight Fayne is caught up in the middle of it all. Screenshot here
Download Link!

The Good Life v.1.0 Size: 5.6 MB Win9x/WinNT/ME
This game takes place in a fantasy setting where you have to lead your people to The Good Life. Demons and fairies stand in your way. The Good Life is really three related mini-games. As you win each mini-game, you're presented with a new one, and the next step in the story. Each game is different, and the instructions are purposely skimpy, so put your thinking caps on and have fun! The game autosaves after you complete each game, so you don't have to finish it all at once.
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Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe v.1.0 Size: 260 MB Win all
Gathering has released Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe for free. Free version contains original Hidden & Dangerous, the Devil's Bridge expansion pack, all the patches, updates, etc as well as the in-game editor.
Download Mirror 1 !

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