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Zero G v.1.0 Size: 0.2 MB Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
This game was heavily inspired by Wipeout. You can race on 4 tracks with 6 ships. During the race you will receive power ups (Missiles, Mines, Speed Boost) to help you get to the finish line first. Screenshot here
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RunOut v.1.0 Size: 3.6 MB Win all
RunOut is an old-fashionned arcade car racing game. You drive your Testarossa through dense traffic with just one goal, win the race. Runout is a remake of SEGA's classic OutRun game. Features include: pure arcade fun, map editor included (as a hidden bonus), digital soundtrack, doppler effect. You can add your own music files to the autoradio (MP3, OGG, XM, S3M, IT, ...). Extremely customizable and system friendly: can be played in a stretchable window or in fullscreen mode, OpenGL supported, Software renderer included for low-end PC, Freeware !!! No limitation, you get the whole product for free !
Download Link !!!

Skoda Fabia Cup v.1.0 Size: 3.76 MB Win9x
It' s a nice racing simulation from the official home site of Skoda.
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Light Driver v.1.0 Size: 3.28 MB Win9x/NT/ME/2k
Light Driver is a PC game from Hella KG Hueck & Co. You drive your vehicle along a dark road full of unexpected surprises and obstacles. Collect points by driving cleverly and you could be one of lucky winners of one of fantastic prizes.
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TRIGGER Win all/Linux/Mac OS
Trigger is a free rally car racing game. Fun for all the family! You race a sequence of 6 courses, with increasing levels of difficulty. Trigger is highly customisable, and it's easy to add new levels and vehicles.
Download Now !!!

Ace Speeder v.1.0 Size: 6 MBWin9X/NT/ME/2K
In Road Fighter you drive a car in a death race between you and a group of crazy drivers. To play the game, you just need three keys: left, right and accelerate. All three can be redefined in the main menu. During the game, you can go back to the main menu by pressing the escape key. You can press the backspace key if you want to restart a game. To pause the game press F1 The game is divided in 6 stages. In every stage, the goal is to reach the checkpoint before your car runs out of fuel. Easy? It may sound like it, but there are many obstacles between your car and the checkpoints!
Download Link !!!

Duel v.1.0 Size: 0.4 MB Win9x
In an immediate future, people do not have anything any more has to make, the machines charge of all. Not to be bored, they clash in duel in races of Z300. Z300 is the ideal racing car: it is manufactured in great series thus little expensive and accessible to all, moreover it is ecological and indestructible thanks to its protective shield which makes it rebound on the obstacles. It is available in all them colors and in several levels of motorization: jalopy has the rocket incontrolable... This play places at your disposal these small jewels of technology for to face your friends, your family... or the stop watch in splendid landscapes. The goal of the play is to cross successively and in the order the various check-points which are on the track before your adversary in mode 2 players or before the end of time in mode 1 player. The keys of play are Q,D and F for a player and the Arrows of the keyboard for the other player. This control with 3 keys can appear simplistic, but... the difficulty is to defeat inertia!!! The Council: begin with you familariser with the piloting of Z300 on easy circuits like "RING" .
Download Link !!!

Zombie Driver v.0.7.70 Size: 0.8 MBWin9X/NT/ME/2K
You drive a car on a parking lot, your goal is to defend your life by running over zombies that are comming from all directions. You're going to DIE. Endless swarms of zombies are coming for you, how long can you hold out? Play because you must be the best and beat the rest!
Download Link !!!

Sky roads v.1.0 Size: 580 Kb Dos,Win9x
Sky roads is a polished-up remake of commercial game – Kosmonaut. Great graphic ,great game !
Download Link !!!
Download Sky roads Xmas Special!!!

Silent Race v.1.0 Size: 1.6 MB Win9x/NT/ME/2k
Silent Race is just what the title says; It's a car racing game without sound. The game also lacks the fun of other cars on the track. The 3D texturing is great to simulate the surrounding mountains and the tunnels, but unfortunately it's not enough to wanting to persistantly play this game for a very long time. These are the keyboard controls: c=speed, arrow-keys=steering. Remember to unselect joystick in the game menu if you want to use the keyboard instead. Requirements: 300MHz, DirectX and 3D videocard.
Download Link !!!

Billabong Racers v.1.0 Size: 1.5 MB Win9x/ME/XP/2K
Billabong Racers offers 8 3D rendered characters, 4 tracks, Lap times, weapons, 3 speed classes, and a driving school. And its the only game with a snake driving a Go-Kart! You must place in the top 4 and collect 20 shrooms in each race. The 250cc cup is a challenge, but possible.
Download Link !!!

Astro Rally Size: 1.1 MB Win9x/NT/2K
Astro Rally is a customizable, retro full-screen racing game! Astro Rally is completely free, and has a very small download size, but still uses the latest DirectX technology and is packed full of fun.
Download Now !!!

KartingRace v.1.02 Size: 7.4 MB Linux,Win9x/NT/ME/2K
Race at speeds in the neighbourhood of 50mph, with your body no more than 10 centimeters from the ground, it's something you won't forget. Get seated in your gokart, and race against up to five computer opponents or try to beat the time limits. The game uses OpenGL rendered graphics, featuring detailed textures and models, realtime shadows, lensflares and more. KartingRace, is a game by Stein Nygård.
Download Page!

Napkin Race v.1.0 Size: 10.9 MB Win9x/NT/ME/XP
Get ready for your first race... on a napkin! Race up to three of your friends in splitscreen, challenge a buddy across your network or try against up to four computer opponents. Choose from two gamemodes: checkpoint race [made with needles] and tag race. The game offers OpenGL rendered graphics with a cartoony look, featuring particle effects and realtime shadows. The game runs on Windows 9x/NT/ME/XP, and requires an OpenGL-compatible graphics adaptor.
Download Page!

Kamikaze Racer v.1.01 Size: 2.4 MB Win9x/ME/XP/2K
"Kamikaze Racer" is perfect racing game for all people who want to drive in a danger place. Various enemies on the road, 18 level to complete, is the perfect pastime for young and old. The distances were arranged fastidiously and extensively and promise each quantity fun and alternation. An inserted on-line Highscore continues to heat up the match of different players.
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