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BIG CITY RACER is a unique, action-rich massive multiplayer online racing game. Racing against thousands of rivals - you constantly improve and demonstrate your skills. Now with a brand-new item shop: Create the coolest, trendiest and most stylish car of the entire community! Personalize your car with e.g. aluminum rims, acoustic sound signals, vinyls and underbody lights. Take the chance to choose between different originally adapted cars, roadsters and muscle cars. Even a police car will be available in the garage. Put your opponents in their place! Start your racing career and duel with real opponents on numerous original adapted tracks in Berlin, Vienna and other capitals of this world. BIG CITY RACER is absolutely for free! Install the game on your PC via free download, register on the BIG CITY RACER web portal und start to practice right away either in the training or in the multiplayer mode. Depending on your performance and like in the Formula 1 circus - the first three places are honored and your success is shown immediately on your account. BCR captivates by its excellent 3D graphics, fast and easy access and short, but very action-packed races (depending on the route max. 2.5 min). Therefore you have several chances to win within a short time period. Use the possibility to share your experience with other players via the chat function. Trailer here
Download page !

Krautscape v.alpha3 Size: 16 MB Win/Mac
Krautscape is a multiplayer racing game with procedurally generated tracks. The leader is able to control the direction of the track to his own benefit, but his chasers can take shortcuts by spreading their wings and fly from one track element to another. You can play Krautscape with up to 4 players. Simply start a server and wait for some friends to connect. Minimum system requirements: Win XP/Vista/7 or Mac OS X, 2.2Ghz Core Duo, 2 GB Ram, 100 MB free disc space, Radeon x1600 or similar, Network/Internet connection. Recommended: Gamepad, Better graphics card Screenshot here
Download Link!

Driving Speed 2 v.2.0.9 Size: 104 MB Win all
Driving Speed 2 is a free high quality racing game for your PC. Choose from four high powered V8 muscle cars and race against up to 11 computer controlled opponents on two touring car circuits. This game has realistic graphics, realistic car physics and performance, high quality sound and AI. Play against your friends over a LAN or internet with 8 player Multiplayer. Send your fastest lap records to the online lap records where you can see your times against players from all around the world. System Requirements:- Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7, 1.5GHz CPU or higher, 256MB RAM, 228MB Hard Drive Space, DirectX 9 support Graphics Card with 256MB RAM, DirectX 9 Drivers. Screenshot here
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Racer v.0.6 Size: 40 MB Wind/Linux/Mac
Racer is a free cross-platform car simulation project (for non-commercial use), using professional car physics to achieve a realistic feeling and an excellent render engine for graphical realism. Cars, tracks and such can be created relatively easy (compared to other, more closed driving simulations). The 3D files, physics and other Racer-specific file formats are documented. Editors and support programs are also available to get a very customizable and expandable simulator. OpenGL is used for rendering. Screenshot here
Download Page!
Virtual RC Racing v.3.1 Size: 31 MB Win all
VIRTUAL RC RACING is the ultimate r/c learning tool AND the ultimate r/c racing sim. Its graphics, sound, control, AI cars and game play are so realistic that you will soon be using VIRTUAL RC RACING to prepare for your next r/c race. The only thing missing is the smell of nitro! Improve your driving, set-up and race strategy skills while having lots of fun and excitement. Screenshot here
Download Link!

TrackMania Nations v.1.0 Size: 268,55 MB Win all
Nadeo, developers of the massively played online racing series, TrackMania, have come up trumps with their free TrackMania Nations ESWC game! For the first time in the history of eSport, a video game has been specially developed for the Electronic Sports World Cup and is being offered free of charge to players of the entire planet.Screenshot here
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TORCS v.1.2.4 Size: 50 MB Win/Linux
TORCS is a 3D racing car simulator using OpenGL. The game allows you to drive in races against opponents simulated by the computer and to develop your own computer-controlled driver (also called a robot). You can use either a wheel or keyboard or mouse to drive yourself.
Download Page!

Victory Road v.1.0 Size: 31.8 MB Win all
Victory Road is an arcade style racing game *very much* in the vein of Daytona USA and Ridge Racer featuring 6 tracks and 10 cars, unlock them all to enable you to get the best Times. Merge your times with the best to see if you're the TRUE champion.
Download Link!

Light Cycle 3D v.1.05 Size: 3.3 MB Win all
Not everyone knows Disney's Science Fiction movie Tron. It is a movie, from somewhere in the eighties, that has some great special effects for that time. It's about a man, who by accident fragmentizes himself into a computer in which he has to play arcade games to survive. The most spectacular thing of this movie was the dexterity game, called Light Cycle. In this game the player has to ride some kind of futuristic motorcycle, that leaves behind a trail of light. This lightwall cannot be passed by any cycle. In this way he has to cut corners to trap other players. Light Cycle (or Tron as some people call this game) has been remade as a game on the computer for several times, but almost always in 2D and without anything more to do than cycling around. Now you can enjoy this addicted game in 3D, with spectacular views and speeds. This game allows you to compete against a maximum of seven computers or against up to three of your friends. But if you just want to watch the computers slaughter themselves, you can also enter a game as a spectator. Light Cycle 3D has everything the movie has. Plus more! With other Light Cycle games I mostly erased it from my hard disk after having played it for several minutes, because there was not much to do except for trying to trap your enemies. So I decided to give this game a bit more variety. In Light Cycle 3D you now can give your cycle extra boost, teleport, get a shield and confuse, dizzy or blind your foes and so many more things.
Download Link !!!

gLtron v.1.0 Size: 3.7 MB Linux,Win all,MacOS
As the name suggests, the game is inspired by the movie TRON. Or more exactly, by all the games that where inspired by the movie TRON. You steer a futuristic bike, called lightcycle. Combat takes place in a rectangular arena. Your bike leaves a trail behind, which is like a wall. The goal is to force the other players to drive into a wall. The winner is the last player alive.
Download Page!
Download Page !!!

Hotcars v.1.0 Size: 3.2 MB Win all
Hotcars is a car racing game with multiple game modes including single race, championship and free roam. Race against computer control cars or a friend in 2 player split screen mode or multiplayer lan mode. Pick up bonus items such as rockets and nitros and blow your opponenents off the road. Also available is the Hotcars track editor which allows you to create your own track layouts and race around them in the game. Hotcars is a freeware game.
Download Link!

Stunt Playground v.1.0 Size: 12.3 MB Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
Stunt Playground is a fully 3D stunt driving game for the windows PC. the game features extremely realistic physics that are fully integrated into both the driving, and the editor as well. this means you can arrange the various props and jumps in any way imaginable. of course you can save and load your creations for later as well. While driving you can also record "instant replays" up to 15 seconds in length, and then playback your stunt from any angle. you can even save/load these replays, so your friends will believe you! The game features impressive 3D graphics including realtime shadows and reflections. Screenshot here
Download Page!

Car Racing Deluxe v.1.0 Size: 2 MB Win all
The game Car Racing Deluxe is right what you need if you are so far tired of those numerous Car Racing remakes. In this Free Car Racing Game you will not only have to take a ride like the wind and show the masterclass, but you will have to snatch your life out of the fiery lava mouth and shift from scorching meteorites. Meteorites rain have taken down a small town where you lived in and your last chance is the onlyone spared car. You are moving to the neighboring city, but the disaster is chasing you. There is no way back, the fiery lava is breathing right behind your back and it won't be slowin swallowing you up if you become heedless, and the meteorites rain is becoming heavier, you must react really quickly. Mean while meteorites start to fall onto other cities and you can watch the results of their fall on your way: tree suprooted, posts crooked and a lot of crashed abandoned cars. A heap of obstacles and the sea of adrenaline is waiting for you along the road. Don't forget to pick up bonuses; they will help you to cope with the nature. The weapon is very important, or you won't be able to get through the scrap heaps which are all that's left of your yesterday's beautiful surroundings. The game will be interesting even to the most demanding racers, enhanced by outstanding graphics taking you inside the animated world. Screenshot here.
Download Link !!!

Highway Pursuit v.1.0 Size: 3.5 MB Win all
is a modern game taking its inspiration from a number of classic arcade games. It's an action-packed 3d blast along roads filled with enemy agents -- but also with innocent civilians that you should protect at all costs. Featuring diverse landscapes and scenery, a variety of enemy vehicles, multiple weapons, weather effects, radio communications from your HQ, 3d sound effects, configurable support for keyboard, joysticks and steering wheels, Highway Pursuit is a road trip you shouldn't miss! Highway Pursuit if produced in association with Retrospec.
Download Page!

Speedway v.1.0 Size: 3.2 MB Win9x/NT/ME/2000
Choose among 3 differnet cars, then burn up the track in time trials or go head to head against a ruthless AI. Features smooth 3D graphics, high quality sound, and heart pumping game play.
Download Link !!!

Pakoon 2 v.2.0 Size: 28.6 MB Win9x/ME/XP/2K
Imagine a snowboarding game with a twist: the snowboarders have been replaced with high performance cars. Imagine three game modes you can choose from: speedrace, slalom and airtime. Imagine 7 high quality cars with realistic looks and handling you can choose from. Imagine dozens of exotic locations around the world you can race on. Imagine you can compete against your own best time or against live human players over a LAN or internet with the built-in multiplay option. Imagine you can submit your highscores to a website and see how you rank among the rest of the world. Imagine you can do all this without having to pay anything. Features Include: High quality cars: new version includes 7 high quality 3D modeled cars of actual real world cars. Multiplay: Multiplay is possible among 4 players using a TCP/IP network (e.g. LAN, modem or internet). Multiplay requires that you download and install the free DirectX 8 (or later) from Microsoft. Sounds and music: game sounds and music are now final and music can be customized to play your own favourite MP3 files. Overall speed-up: Most of the visualizations have been rewritten to speed up the framerate. Low quality car models also exist which enable the game to be played on slower 3D cards as well.
Download Pakoon 2 !
Download Pakoon v.1.0 - 7 MB !
Download Pakoon v.0.5 - 3 MB !

Machines of Destruction v.1.0 Size: 16.1 MB Win9x/NT/ME/2K/XP
A highly customizable LAN/online racing shooter.Machines of Destruction (MOD) is mixture of racing through a circuit and wasting your opponents with a combination of the guns mounted on your car, best played on a LAN. By using the Weapons Designer, you can tailor your guns exactly to your needs, but not without a price tag! Start a game and chat in the lobby with other joiners. Unlimited spectators can join also, on top of the maximum of 4 players. Choose from either a race, a deathmatch, or ‘ion Soccer’, in which mode the players are split into two teams and must carry and then 'kick' the metallic ball through the goals. Holding the ball for too long will make it red hot, and very dangerous! MoD supports the addition of 3 bots to the game, each replacing a player, and are capable of participating in every game mode just as the players would.
Download Link!

Mann-Filter Rallye v.1.0 Size: 2.5 MB Win9x/NT/ME/2k
On a dirt road you race against a handful of computer-generated cars. This 3D racing game has not as refined background rendering than for instance "Silent Race" - but much more fun to play because of the competition with the other cars. Stay on the road! This game was created to sponsor a German company (Mann-Filter). Requirements: DirectX7, 350MHz CPU.
Download Page!

Vektor Space v.1.0 Size: 14.4 MB Win all
Vektor Space is a sport played in arenas called spaces. Contestants compete on hover vehicles, called vektors, in a form of deathmatch. Vektors take damage when passing through trails (known as neons) left behind other vektors. The neon resembles a semi-transparent wall, and it is automatically left behind a vektor as it drives throughout the space. The goal of Vector Space is for the player to maneuver his vektor in front of his competitors’, thus causing damage to occur to their vektors. After this damage has reached a certain amount, the opponents’ vektors will be destroyed and taken out of the game. Should a player collide with another character or a wall placed within the space, then their vektor is automatically destroyed. The player wins by being the last remaining vektor in the arena.
Download Page!

Alien Racer v.1.0 Size: 12 MB Win9x/NT/ME/2k
Alien Racer was made as an entry for the Dark Basic competition in 2003, in which entrants were supplied with an alien model, and were allowed to create anything they wanted, so long as the alien featured in the game. The game has three different game modes: normal race against three opponents, time trial, in which you try and achieve the quickest lap, and arcade, in which you have to reach the checkpoints before your time runs out. Screenshot here
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