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Dice Games

Yap Yamb v.4.35 Size: 0.4 MB Win9x/ME/2K/NT/XP
A four column customizable dice game (advanced Yahtzee-like) that you can play versus a remarkable computer opponent. Includes statistics, you can choose between 5 or 6 dices, additional throw and more 1-5 players can play it.
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Gladiator v.1.0 Size: 1.4 MB Win9x/ME/2K/NT/XP
Gladiator is a strategy fantasy board game with simulated dice. Basically, two teams of characters, East and West, start at opposite ends of the map, engage each other in mortal combat, and win, lose (die) or run away (escape out the Exit door). Winners and escapees are awarded experience based on performance, and go up in attributes and skill. Characters that die lose experience and must be resurrected. Play the computer, play the computer with your friends over the internet, or play against your friends over the internet. You need 1024x768 screen resolution or bigger and more than 256 color mode.
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Pigs Dice Game v.2.01 Size: 1.84 MB Win all
Feeling lucky? Then download and play this game! Easy to learn and quick to play, PIGS is an entertaining game of chance. Score big by rolling doubles or lose all if you roll a PIG! Highest score after 14 innings of play wins. For one player (versus a crafty computer opponent).
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Tim's Yahtzee v.1.0 Size: 1.68 MB Win95,Win98,WinNT
Tim's Yahtzee is a free, single-player computer clone of the Yahtzee board game we used to play as kids. .
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Dice v.1.04 Size: 0.25 MB Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Dice game.Play against the computer.
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Knuffel v.1.1 Size: 2.3 MB Win95,WinNT
Knuffel is based on the well-known dice game of Yahtzee. It needs at least a resolution of 800x600.
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Extreme Dice v.1.0 Size: 599 KB Win95,Win98,WinNT
Extreme Dice is a fun, addictive dice game in which you try to score points by grouping dice into straights, full houses, five of a kind, etc. Neat graphics and good sound effects included.
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Grants Yahtzee v.1.0 Size: 928 KB Win9x/NT
Grants Yahtzee is a simple clone of the game Yahtzee. This games features 3 different play types; Single, or Triple (easy and hard levels). Support for up to 4 players is also supported. Best of all, it's free. Enjoy!!
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PokerDice v.1.1.5 Size: 1.5 MB Win9x
PokerDice is a fun dice game with realistic dice sounds and automatic scoring so it is easy to learn how to play! Just click to roll the dice, and your scoring options appear so you can decide how best to reach the high score of all times!
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Dolphin Dice 99 v.1.0 Size: 1 MB Win9x
Classic dice game (You can add your hiscore on Dolphin Dice 99's homepage)!
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Alexandra Backgammon v.1.0 Size: 1 MB Win9x
Play this excellent backgammon game for one or two players.
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JellyFish v.3.5 Size: 1.49 MB Win9x/NT
Backgammon for Windows !
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Y-Score v.1.0 Size: 1 MB Win9x
A quick single round of a well known dice game. It also contains a high score table. It was inspired by a hand held game that I once saw. It helps if you know how to play Yahtzee.
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DiceMage v.1.0 Size: 592 KB Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
DiceMage rolls all types of dice supported in standard RPG gaming, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 and percentile dice. Rolls can be modified (e.g. 3d8+3) and selected highest and/or lowest dice discarded.
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Yambo v.1.03.05 Size: 222 KB Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
Yambo is a remake of yamb(US:Yatzee) an old mozaic 5 dice game. It is very simple to play with good graphics and sounds for dice roll. Also with High Scores !
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Download v.1.06 - 1.8 MB !!!

Backgammon v.1.0 Size: 64 KB Win9x/DOS
This is a backgammon game for one or two players. There is a doubling cube, and a running total of games won.
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Tagadice/b> v.1.0 Size: 1.4 MBWin all
Tag a dice is a multi-player dice game where players take turns rolling dice trying to "tag" each category with the most points. Installation Instructions: You can either save the file to a location of your choosing or select RUN. If you saved the file, double click on it to run it. If you selected RUN then the file will automatically run after the download completes. Follow the steps in the installation program. You can delete the setup file after the installation is complete. You will use The Lobby to open up the games to play against other players. To play the game solo offline, go to Start, Programs, Tams11, Game and select the game from the list. To uninstall, you can use the Add/Remove Programs option in Window's Control Panel. Screenshot here.
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